Materialization of Big Panchamuki Rudraksha on Ma Nirantara’s hand

June 22, 2011 Comments Off on Materialization of Big Panchamuki Rudraksha on Ma Nirantara’s hand

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Materialization of Big Panchamuki Rudraksha on Ma Nirantara’s hand.This eN-Miracle happened at  Kamakshi Child Home, Kulim Malaysia

This morning during the morning live Satsang by Swamiji, it is really to the amazement of more than 50 people who were sitting to hear Swamiji’s morning message was an eye-witnessed to the eN-Miracles of the Divine Power of our beloved Master. 

For the first time, a big size PanchaMukhi(five face) Rudraksha materialized on Ma Nirantara’s hand also together inside the Rudraksha we found a small gold ball stuck inside the hole in the center. 

Here it goes:

Sri Nirantara’s experience:
Usually at the end of the live morning Pratyaksha Pada pooja, I will request Ma Nirantara to open her hand to see any materialization. However, it was a little bit different today where when I asked her to do so she replied “I feel something big object is forming inside my hand and its started rolling slowly, so lets wait for a while”. Then 10 minutes later, when she opened her hands it is really unbelievable to my own eyes and Ma Satsanga and those present there that a really big size Rudraksha materialized on her hand for the first time. I have no words anymore to explain this divine play of Swamiji.
Oh Master! I surrender to your feet. Please help me to vanish all my egos and show me the glimpse of the Super Consciousness.
Ma Nirantara’s experience:
Yesterday during online worldwide ashramite meeting with Swamiji, I casually ask Swamiji ” why till now I did not receive any Rudraksha as you said and Swamiji beautifully replied  I’m giving you ma, its you not taking it”. The words he uttered is really Divine which made me go very deeper in silence. Today during the live padha pooja, first i felt strong vibration in my Anadha Gandha chakra then slowly move to my throat finally to my palms. When I try to open I felt my both palms stick together and I need to use full strength to open my hands to see the palms. I  also felt sweet taste in my throat as if i have eaten honey. When I opened my both hands, I could not believe in my own eyes that a big size Rudraksha was sticking on my both palms. Then slowly when I moved my hands it started rolling down.
Thank you so much Swamiji, i really felt so much fulfilled. Your Divine blessing to all your children was so amazing.


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