Paduga for Malaysia

April 19, 2011 Comments Off on Paduga for Malaysia

As anyone familiar with the science of energy will tell you, the feet are among the points of our body from which the maximum energy is released. They are our contact point with the earth, and an active energetic exchange is always happening between us and our immediate environment through our feet, whether we are aware of it or not. And this ‘energy’ is not just bio-energy; even our thoughts are forms of energy, our desires carry energy, our actions generate energy! By being in constant contact with our feet, our footwear carries a powerful energy imprint of ourselves. Now you can appreciate why the footwear of an elevated soul, an advanced seeker or a saint becomes so precious – it is practically a powerhouse of positive energies generated by his spiritual practices and his elevated state of being. This is the reason why it is traditional in Vedic culture to seek the blessings of elders and saints by bending down and touching their feet. In the case of an avatar, a super-evolved enlightened being, the benefits are naturally inestimable! When Swamiji energizes his padukas for the special purpose of blessing a Paduka Mandir, he employs an extraordinary energizing process called prana pratishtha – the infusing of his concentrated life-force into the padukas. At once clearly scientific and deeply mystical, this beautiful process enhances the power of the padukas thousandfold. Like a living deity, the padukas respond to the thoughts and desires of the worshippers; they carry the power to grant boons and guide us to enlightenment. Above all, the padukas are our hotline to Swamiji! Especially since Swamiji launched eN-Effect, there have been innumerable miracles happening around the padukas, including the emergence of healing sacred ash from the padukas – sometimes right in the middle of an online satsang with Swamiji!


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